Joint Camp

The Innovative Joint Camp

For our patients having knee or hip replacement surgery, Joint Camp is a unique program designed to minimize your pain while helping you return to your normal activities. In the program, your “coach” – a friend or a relative – joins our skilled physicians, nurses, and therapist to give you support and encouragement through every phase of your journey.

Before Surgery

The Joint Camp program begins in your doctor’s office once you’ve decided to have surgery. After addressing your concerns and answering questions, your doctor will give you a Joint Camp workbook that tells you what to expect before, during, and after surgery. Then, weeks before surgery, you and your coach will attend a class to review information about your surgery and rehabilitation. The orthopedic nurses and physical therapists who teach the class will ensure you are fully prepared for every step your joint replacement procedure and recovery.

Hospital Stay

During your stay, a dedicated team of orthopedic professionals will provide all the care and comfort you need to regain your strength and mobility. With a goal of getting you – and your new joint – moving as quickly as possible, we encourage you to attend individual and group therapy activities dressed comfortably. Your coach is not only welcome, but encouraged, to participate in your hospital rehabilitation.

After You Return Home

To prepare you to go home, you and your coach will receive complete instructions on medications, follow-up care, and your exercise and therapy program. After you return home, we will follow-up with you to address any concerns and to ensure you are progressing toward your goals.