Care Beyond Medicine

OHOW Team Stories: The Extra Effort that Defines The Uncommon Focus on You.

Thanksgiving at OHOW

Spending Thanksgiving weekend away from your family is difficult – and it’s even tougher if you are spending your holiday recovering from a surgical procedure. That’s why we have our own “recovery” Thanksgiving. A special menu of holiday food selections is available for every surgical patient who stays overnight on Thanksgiving. That evening, our team serves a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. We don’t forget our own team either – we give each team member working that day a Thanksgiving turkey for their own family’s meal. It is a holiday tradition at OHOW!

The Ripest Fruit

When our CEO heard that our bananas were not quite ripe enough for a patient’s palate, he drove to an area grocer known for their quality fruits and vegetables. He hand-picked the ripest bunch of bananas he could find and delivered them to our discerning patient. She was thrilled. The first day back home and recovering, she called and set up an in-person meeting, at which she personally thanked the hospital’s CEO who made a special trip to make a patient happy.

Twenty-Five Baskets

When a huge blizzard blew in on a day with many surgeries scheduled, almost the entire metropolitan area was brought to a standstill. With some roads shut down and others unsuitable for driving for patients and staff, non-emergency surgeries were rescheduled. Our patients were understanding, but we felt we needed to do more than apologize for the weather. So we ordered 25 fruit baskets, one for each canceled surgery, and had them hand-delivered to each patient’s home.

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