Physician Ownership & Leadership

A Physician-Owned Hospital Led by Top Doctors Who Truly Care

In 2001, a shared vision of a transformative culture of caring brought a group of physicians together in a partnership with Columbia St. Mary’s, a health system with more than 100 years of service. The result is the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, where physician-owners and leaders advance patient-centered, compassionate care.

Why it Matters That We’re a Physician-Owned Hospital:

  • Our physicians are not only owners; they are leaders. As like-minded clinicians who have built careers on providing compassionate care, we make decisions that put patients first.
  • We focus on orthopedics, and we are truly our own toughest critic; our team rigorously evaluates patient outcomes and patient satisfaction surveys, then uses best practices to continuously improve patient care. Internal rating mechanisms help us monitor and challenge each member of the OHOW team to achieve the highest standards.
  • We make independent decisions, without red tape, approvals, and delays, to stay on the leading edge of patient treatment and care. To maintain our objectivity and focus on you, we refuse any financial interests in the drug and instrument industry.
  • We are unencumbered and independent in embracing the best technologies for our patient population. After we’ve determined sufficient medical evidence of effectiveness, we invest in technology that will best help us to continue providing award-winning care.

Physician-Owned Hospital Disclosure
The Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin is partially owned by physicians and meets the Federal definition of a “physician-owned hospital.” A list of physician-owners is available upon request and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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