The Comprehensive Educational Visit

Personalized Joint Camp

Prior to surgery all overnight patients will engage in a unique opportunity to have a one on one session to guide you through the surgery process. You will meet with a Nurse Practitioner, a nurse educator, and a physical therapist. During this visit we will prepare you for your surgery, evaluate your needs, discuss discharge planning, and answer all your questions.

Before Surgery

The comprehensive educational visit begins in your doctor’s office once you’ve decided to have surgery. After addressing your concerns and answering questions, your doctor will give you information to review prior to your visit. Four to six weeks before surgery you will attend the comprehensive educational visit. We encourage you to bring a family member or friend, who will be helping you through your surgery process. This is a “Joint Effort” and all team members will ensure you are fully prepared for every step of your surgery and recovery.

Hospital Stay

During your stay, a dedicated team of orthopedic professionals will provide all the care and comfort you need to regain your strength and mobility. Our goal is to provide you with the tools needed for a successful recovery.

After You Return Home

To prepare you to go home, you will receive complete instructions on medications, follow-up care, and your exercise and therapy program. After you return home, we will follow-up with you to address any concerns and to ensure you are progressing toward your goals.

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