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New Year, New You: New Reasons to See a Physical Therapist

Another year has started. With it, the tradition of deciding on resolutions or goals for life improvement. Often, goals are for better health, more exercise, better diet choices, or trying new activities.   

When it comes to health, we often think of visiting our doctor, dentist, and eye doctor, especially since we get our insurance plans that way. People are pretty good at seeing a doctor for the annual wellness checkup for preventative care. Many people will see their eye doctor for a yearly checkup and the dentist twice annually as a routine schedule. What about seeing a physical therapist?   

In the blog post below, physical therapist Kevin Campion, PT, MPT, of Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin Greenfield Physical Therapy, outlines a few reasons to consider visiting a physical therapist in 2024.   

New Reasons to Visit a Physical Therapist  

1. You Can Visit on Your Own Terms  

Most insurances do not require a doctor referral to see a therapist. Plus, state law allows direct access to physical therapy, meaning you can see an expert directly on your own.   

2. Physical Therapists Can Help You Meet Your New Activity Goals   

Starting the new year, you may set goals for trying a new hobby, gym workout, or exercise class. Having joint pain or being a bit tight in areas of the body may prevent you from success in these goals or even getting the courage to try new activities. A physical therapist can address painful or stiff areas and get you moving with ease and comfort, giving you the confidence to meet your New Year’s activity goals.     

3. Physical Therapists are Experts in Movement  

Maybe you don’t experience pain or stiffness, but you do feel limitations in your strength, flexibility, or balance. Physical therapists are experts in movement and your muscle systems and can recommend exercise and treatments to improve these areas. Your therapist will develop a personalized plan and aim to optimize your physical abilities, prevent injuries, and promote your overall functional movement.  

Examples of Health Questions Physical Therapy Can Address  

  • Do you experience a mild nagging area of your body that “acts up once in a while?”  

    • Physical therapists can address many types of pain, whether it is chronic or occasional.   
  • Do you want to improve your flexibility or strength, but don’t know where to start?   

    • Consider consulting a physical therapist who can assess your specific needs and create a tailored exercise program to help you improve either flexibility or strength, guiding you through a structured and successful approach for optimal results.   
  • Do you ever feel a little dizzy when you get up or roll over in bed?   

    • A therapist can help figure out the causes of vertigo, and there are exercises to address some of the causes. Many people describe “just feeling off balance at times.” Falls can lead to severe consequences. Physical therapists are well-trained in assessing and developing programs to improve balance.   
  • Have you started jogging and felt a leg problem after 2 miles?   

    • A therapist can check your strength and assess your running style.  
  • Did you have surgery or injury a few years ago that initially improved, but you’re not quite where you want to be now?

    • Seeking the expertise of a physical therapist can provide new valuable insights and specialized rehabilitation exercises to address lingering issues, helping you attain optimal function and comfort.  
  • Do you experience chronic back pain?  

    • Chronic back pain is a top reason people see their doctor, and one of the first recommended treatments is movement and exercise-related.   

Don’t wait for a fall or injury or for severe pain. Take charge of your plan now to address what might stop you from meeting your new activity goals or lead to pain in the future.    

Physical therapists are trained to be a part of your holistic healthcare team and can recommend other health providers for your condition. Consider adding a physical therapy assessment to your annual strategy for better health.    

Schedule a FREE assessment with an Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin physical therapist at a convenient location near you.   


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