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Winter Mayhem – 8 Snow Shoveling Safety Tips for Healthier, Safer Winter Season

If you live in Wisconsin or another cold-winter state, you will inevitably see snow between November and April. That first snowfall looks so beautiful on pine trees, but as that fluffy stuff accumulates, you will have to get outside and shovel. Snow may be ideal for snowboarders, skiers, and snowmobilers. But when it comes to […]

National Physical Therapy Month: How Did Physical Therapy Start?

October is National Physical Therapy month, established by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). This month of recognition celebrates the profession and acknowledges how physical therapists help improve the lives of so many individuals. At the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, we are proud to be home to many talented and reputable physical therapists that work […]

Hip Flexor Strains: Treatment and Symptoms

If you work a desk job or sit for many hours of the day, you will likely experience stiff and painful hip flexor muscles. On the other hand, if you’re very active and participate in cycling, kicking sports, or aerobics, you may have experienced hip flexor strains from overuse.  At Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, it […]

Tis the Season for Football Turf Toe: What to Understand About this Injury

Turf toe is common among American football players that affects the big toe joint. Frequently pushing off with the toes in a sprint or making sudden movements while running is often the culprit of causing this painful condition. Dealing with this injury is not only painful, but it can also cause damage to the bones […]

Physical Therapy Spotlight: Matt Pitton, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC

At Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, we are honored to have some of the most talented and highly respected orthopedic specialists provide top-quality care to our patients. Physical therapy is one of the many vital orthopedic specialties we provide, and our physical therapists have trained to help you recover from orthopedic injuries and conditions.  One of […]

Rowing Tips to Stay Safe this Summer While Enjoying the Water

During the warmer months, getting out on the water can be a fun and exciting recreational activity. Among the many water sports, rowing is a versatile, low-impact activity that almost anyone can enjoy. It can be done competitively, for enjoyment, on a team, or individually. Plus, it’s a great way to involve many different muscle […]

Get Strong and Avoid Hip Osteoarthritis with a Hip and Core Strengthening Program

As we age, it is crucial to maintain and strengthen an essential muscle group – the core. Core strength is fundamental for many activities as this muscle group stabilizes your body. It allows you to keep balanced and can impact how your arms and legs function. Strengthening the muscles of the core and hips is […]

Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin’s (OHOW) Nicolas Olson-Studler Becomes Board-Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist

Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin (OHOW) is honored to announce that Cedarburg physical therapist Nicolas Olson-Studler, PT, DPT, has recently become a Board-Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist (OCS). This distinction offers him new insights and ways to serve patients, extending additional high-quality care that Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin is known for. Orthopedic specialization within the physical therapy […]

What are Shin Splints? How to Relieve this Common Runner’s Affliction

Do your shins throb and ache after your daily run? Do you have shin tenderness, sensitivity, soreness or pain that persists after beginning a new and intense physical activity? You may be experiencing shin splints, also known as tibial stress syndrome. While you may have heard of this condition, you may wonder, what are shin […]