Patient Recognition Week: Enhancing Patient Satisfaction

National Patient Recognition Week









Patients are the heart of what we do at Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin. As we celebrate Patient Recognition Week, we have the opportunity to shine a light on the invaluable role our patients play. Beyond being the recipients of care, patients are active participants in the healthcare process, offering unique insights, experiences, and perspectives vital to improving our quality of care.   

That’s why patients are at the center of our Three Critical Success Factors: Quality, Patient Satisfaction, and Staff Satisfaction. We strive to uphold these values to ensure our patients are happy with their care while visiting the hospital and continue to feel satisfied for years to come. In the following blog post, we discuss how OHOW values, celebrates and prioritizes our patients as we celebrate Patient Recognition Week and beyond.   

OHOW’s Personalized Care Plan   

Each patient who enters our facility is unique, with different conditions, needs, and concerns. At OHOW, we do everything to make your visit satisfactory and meet your individual needs. From your very first appointment – whether for preventative care or surgery– you’ll receive an efficient and comfortable experience.   

You will work closely with your doctor to develop a personalized care plan to address your specific goals. Each doctor is different and may have their protocol depending on your injury or surgery.    

If you stay with us for surgery, we aim to make every patient feel like you are our only patient. Our excellent nurse-to-patient ratio allows our care team to treat patients with the individual attention they deserve during their stay. We want to ensure our nurses get to know each patient personally. This level of responsiveness is only possible when they’re allowed time to focus on their medical tasks and connect with patients.  

If you are recommended physical therapy for your ailment, an OHOW physical therapist will work closely with your doctor. This could include your primary care physician, internist, or orthopedic surgeon. Your doctor’s recovery recommendations are the starting point for your personalized care plan. Each physical therapy session is geared toward your specific needs and your recovery.  

Built for Patient Satisfaction and Success  

OHOW is intentionally built with patient care in mind. We designed every aspect of the hospital to create an efficient and smooth transition from diagnostics, surgery, inpatient, and therapy. Most hospital walls are bare, white, sterile, and uninviting. Our beige, plum, and sage decor provides a pleasant and welcoming aesthetic to put our patients at ease, no matter where they are in our facility.       

We do our best to provide you with the comfort of your home while you stay at OHOW. We’ve equipped our inpatient rooms with comfortable beds, cozy recliners, and SmartScreen TVs with all the major channels. We provide plush towels, heated blankets, and soft robes to make your stay feel more like you’re staying at a vacation resort than an Orthopaedic Hospital.   

Free coffee freshly roasted at Anodyne Coffee Roasters is brewed 24/7, and snacks, or a warm meal, are always available for purchase in our cafeteria for patients’ families. Patients are always pleasantly surprised by our delicious hospital food and top-notch dining experience. Our patients choose from a menu of delicious choices ranging from beef short ribs to the chicken martini, not your typical Jell-O, and generic saltines.  

Patient Satisfaction Measured   

We value our patients’ input and feedback about their experience, which is why we survey every patient who walks through our doors. We use Press Ganey databases to track and analyze our patients’ feedback to ensure that we address every concern and repeat our successes. Patient satisfaction survey results can also be used to compare providers. Patients can ensure they choose the best healthcare organization for their needs.   

We use the feedback from our surveys to compare our previous benchmarks and to see how we rank with other hospitals. OHOW is considered one of the top Orthopaedic programs in the nation, with some of the best patient experiences. We have received numerous awards for our high-quality care and positive patient outcomes and also won awards directly from Press Ganey based on our excellent survey scores.   

For the past 11 years, we have received the Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award and the Press Ganey Summit Award for sustaining patient satisfaction scores in the 95th percentile. Awards only matter to us because they confirm we’re doing an excellent job for our patients. We want to ensure that every patient feels satisfied with their visit.  

If you are experiencing an orthopedic injury, request an appointment today to experience OHOW difference. We promise to listen to your needs and opinions so that you have the best experience possible.