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Experience the Difference in Care at OHOW

At the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, we strive to carry out what we like to call “the OHOW difference.” It’s a higher standard, a difference in care at OHOW that really sets us apart.

You can feel the OHOW difference as soon as you walk through our front doors, see welcoming faces, and experience our friendly care environment. Our culture of care at OHOW is exemplified by our compassionate associates, felt by our patients, and modeled by our exceptional leadership team.

From your first appointment at the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin—whether for preventative care or even surgery—you’ll receive an efficient, pleasant experience. We’ll make you feel comfortable and right at home throughout the entire process. We aim to make every patient feel like they are our only patient.

Many aspects of patient care contribute to the OHOW difference, but our unique set up, dedication to orthopedics, and three critical success factors are at the forefront. Learn how all these components come together to create an unbeatable experience in care at the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin.


OHOW began as a partnership between our surgeons and Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s, creating a specialty hospital with an extensive network. The Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin is unique because we are owned and primarily operated by a group of expert orthopedic surgeons.

Being physician-owned empowers OHOW staff to make changes quickly as needed to ensure patients always receive the best care. Because our physicians have the power to make critical care decisions, our patients can rest assured they’re getting superior care. OHOW surgeons have the freedom to choose how many procedures they perform, what equipment is the most appropriate, and the number of patients they can safely see; this freedom contributes to a patient-centric environment.

Due to this focus on our patients, care at OHOW improves, and the cost of care decreases. When physicians are involved in an organization’s financials, they avoid ordering unnecessary diagnostic tests, don’t waste money on unnecessary administrative overhead, and spend wisely. Thanks to our physician owners’ personal stake in the financial success of OHOW, they actively work to control costs for patients.


One of the most critical components of our success is our sole focus on orthopedics. Everything we do at OHOW revolves around one specialty, allowing us to emerge as experts and leaders in our field. We do orthopedics well because orthopedics is all we do.

As Dr. David Meister says, “One of the main reasons I came here was because this is the way healthcare is meant to be delivered. Being devoted exclusively to orthopedic care means that we can focus on delivering specialized care for every patient. And that includes not only the surgeons and physicians, but also anesthesia, controlling pain, the nurses, scrub techs, and everyone in recovery is dedicated to treating very similar conditions.”

Our staff members are experts in delivering care in orthopedics, and we built our facility to be accessible and comfortable for orthopedic patients. We designed each OHOW location with patient care at the forefront of our plan. We made every decision to help make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible, from hotel-quality inpatient rooms to a vast parking lot with plenty of spaces close to the door. 


Everything we do at OHOW ties back to our three critical success factors: quality, patient satisfaction, and staff satisfaction. Everyone at OHOW abides by these critical success factors to create superior outcomes for our patients. Each factor influences our daily work and helps us make a difference in care at OHOW. 


Quality means that we want superior outcomes for all our patients, every time. We have received numerous awards for our exemplary patient care and high-quality results. Every patient that comes through our doors feels the difference in the care at OHOW. Our customized facility, skilled staff, specialized equipment, and best-in-class doctors position us to deliver the highest quality care to every patient.

Dr. Rory Wright defines the difference when he says, “Our facility was specifically designed so we could measure, maintain, and sustain quality. When you have 7,000 patients a year receive their surgery here, it’s important patient number 1, and patient number 7,000 receive the same care.”


Patient satisfaction means we want you to be comfortable and happy with your care throughout your entire experience at the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin. Not only do we have a skilled care team, but they’re caring and passionate about our patients. Undergoing an orthopedic procedure can be intimidating, so we do everything to ensure you’re comfortable and satisfied with your care.

According to Dr. Joe Kroner, “Dedication to our patients is our number one focus. You can technically do a good operation, but if you aren’t centered on the patient, they aren’t necessarily going to have a great outcome.” 


At the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, we believe in making our hospital and satellite clinics great places to work for the benefit of our patients and our associates. It’s an environment where people want to work, and they love what they do, which translates to better care for our patients. We know we’re succeeding in creating a positive work environment. Among our awards, we’ve received the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Top Workplaces Award and the Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work Award.

Brian Cramer, OHOW’s Chief Executive Officer, says, “We really believe that you need to put the dollars that your facility has into the clinical staff. Many hospitals have nurses that might have 5, 6, 7, or 8 patients; typically, our nurses will have about three patients a day. It’s the staff that makes the difference at the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin.”

If you find yourself or a loved one in need of orthopaedic care, OHOW is here to help get you back on your feet. Request an appointment to experience the difference in care at the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin.

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