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OHOW Weight Loss Clinic: A Success Story

More than one-third of Americans are obese. And as the prevalence of obesity continues to increase, the risk for several health conditions also increases. Often, obesity is associated with the risk of health issues such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke. But being obese can also make surgery more challenging and can increase your […]

2022: A Year In Review Through Testimonials

Your kind reviews mean so much to us 2022 was a year full of change for many healthcare professionals at Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin. Through the development of our new online health record to the demolition of our old hospital building on the OHOW campus to traversing the ever-changing healthcare landscape, OHOW faced many triumphs […]

Skilled Nursing Care at OHOW: Making the Difference Before, During, and After Surgery

Every year, Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin celebrates National Nurses Week (May 6-12) to celebrate and thank our nursing teams for the important work they do every day. Their skilled nursing care plays an important role in our patient satisfaction, and we are so thankful for their tireless work to meet the needs of our patients, […]

Preoperative Planning Steps to Make Surgery Simple

Preoperative Planning: 3 Steps to Make Your Surgery Simple Do you have a surgical procedure coming up? It’s not uncommon to have some questions or concerns as you start your preoperative planning. At the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, our goal is to help you feel comfortable and confident before, during, and after your surgery. While […]

Hospitalists Like Dr. Cheryl Zuccaro Make the OHOW Difference in Patient Care

At the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide personalized care for each patient that walks through our door. It’s part of what sets us apart from other hospitals and creates The OHOW Difference. One of the ways we provide this level of care is with the help of our […]

Experience the Difference in Care at OHOW

At the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, we strive to carry out what we like to call “the OHOW difference.” It’s a higher standard, a difference in care at OHOW that really sets us apart. You can feel the OHOW difference as soon as you walk through our front doors, see welcoming faces, and experience our […]

4 Ways OHOW’s Nurse-to-Patient Ratio Makes a Big Difference

The excellent nurse-to-patient ratio at OHOW makes a significant difference for our patients, increasing their satisfaction and comfort.

Press Ganey HCAHPS Reporting: Why the Survey is Beneficial to our Patients

Here’s how the Press Ganey HCAHPS survey helps us measure patient satisfaction to continue our uncommon focus on patient care.

Quality Care and Delicious Food: How OHOW’s Top-Rated Hospital Food Sets Us Apart

At the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, our top-rated hospital food is another way we take an unparalleled approach to patient satisfaction.