OHOW Doctors Timeshare to Offer More Orthopedic Services in Greenfield

At the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, we want to make your orthopedic care as convenient and easily accessible as possible. With our main hospital in Glendale and five satellite physical therapy locations in the greater Milwaukee area, we’re making sure you get the physical therapy and orthopedic services you need, wherever you live.

For our patients in Milwaukee’s southern area, a trip to Glendale for check-in or follow-up can mean a bit of a drive. That’s why we’re so pleased to share that several OHOW physicians have teamed up to timeshare orthopedic services in our Greenfield location!

This timeshare format in our Greenfield clinic is very popular so far, especially amongst our patients in Bayview, Cudahy, South Milwaukee, and other southern portions of Greater Milwaukee. In fact, OHOW physician Dr. Joe Kroner is working on extending the same timeshare format in our Wauwatosa clinic.

Today, the four timeshare physicians, Dr. Jost, Dr. Berg, Dr. Riordan, and Dr. Roffers, join us to explain why the timeshare format works so well and what patients should expect from orthopedic services in Greenfield.

The Convenience of Orthopedic Services in Greenfield

The OHOW Greenfield Physical Therapy clinic offers many conveniences that make the addition of orthopedic services the icing on the cake. PT patients already had access to imaging services at this location, making it an ideal satellite location for orthopedic services. We have a dedicated radiology technologist in Greenfield to ensure doctors and patients can access fast diagnostic imaging.

At the Greenfield location, we also have dedicated examination rooms for our physicians to see patients for routine orthopedic care. Our physical therapists at the site do much of their work in the state-of-the-art gym, so these beautiful offices are open and available for our physicians to see patients with plenty of space.

Dr. Riordan also points out that the location is extremely accessible, making it highly convenient for patients. “I love that there’s all one level with easy parking. It makes it simple for patients to get in and out of the office.”

The schedules of the four physicians offering orthopedic services in Greenfield are subject to change. As it currently stands:

Dr. Riordan sees patients every other Wednesday from 8 am-12 pm
Dr. Berg rotates with Dr. Riordan every other Wednesday from 8 am-11 am
Dr. Jost sees patients in Greenfield on Thursday mornings
Dr. Roffers spends Fridays in Greenfield from 9 am-5 pm

The Ease of PT and Orthopedic Services Combined

All our physicians enjoy the convenience of having access to physical therapy right in the Greenfield office. As Dr. Berg explains, “I can have a direct conversation with PT in real-time.”

Dr. Riordan says, “The big advantage is having therapy right on site. When I recommend a patient schedule therapy, it’s convenient for them. It’s easy to coordinate the appointments between the therapist and physicians. Good communication between a physician and a therapist ensures the best outcome for the patient.”

Having a convenient location with the ease of on-site PT is ideal for patients in the area. They can see their orthopedic physician and interface with the recommended physical therapist right in their neighborhood.

About the Physicians Who Participate in the Greenfield Timeshare

Four of our excellent orthopedic experts participate in the Greenfield timeshare right now. Because of the popularity and convenience, we will be expanding the services to Wauwatosa soon. Meet our orthopedic physicians who work out of OHOW’s Greenfield Physical Therapy Clinic.

Patrick Jost, MD

Dr. Jost sees patients in our Greenfield clinic as well as through his central office in downtown Milwaukee. His focus is on sports medicine, so he finds himself often treating hips, knees, shoulders, and elbows. He also has specialty training in hip preservation and anterior hip replacement.

He says, “I love my job. I get to see a steady stream of nice people who need their problem fixed. They want someone who will take great care of them, listen to them, and hear what they have to say. We want to help them solve their problem. I try to see the world from the patients’ point of view.”

Dr. Jost tells us that he sees every day and every procedure as a chance to add to his expertise. He appreciates that the Greenfield space allows him to work in an area where he grew up and provides convenience and access to his patients.

Kenneth Berg, MD

Dr. Berg is a general orthopedic surgeon with a strong focus on fracture care. He has an emphasis on hip and knee arthritis and expertise in anterior total hip replacements. He’s been in Wisconsin for over ten years and sees many sports-related injuries, as well as fractures. Dr. Berg also works out of Elmbrook and Ascension’s St. Joseph’s Campus.

As Dr. Berg reports, “I’m a surgeon, but my goal is always to determine what will make my patients better. Sometimes the answer is operative care, and sometimes it’s a non-operative approach. Physical therapy is often a key component of orthopedic care because it brings back range of motion and functionality. I like that the Greenfield location offers a chance to have unique communication with the PT team. I can make real-time adjustments to the patient’s PT regimen, if necessary. My style is very customized and personalized to each patient I see.”

Dr. Berg likes the expedited convenient care of the Greenfield office. “OHOW is unparalleled in high-quality care. We’re staffed with personnel of expert PTs, front-desk workers, and coordinators that I trust implicitly. I’ve already seen this same high-quality care at the Greenfield office. In my experience, the OHOW quality is unmatched.”

John Roffers, MD

Dr. Roffers is a Physiatrist—a medical physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. His primary focuses are musculoskeletal care, spine, and sports care, encompassing a wide range of cases. Patients range from injured workers, performing artists, professional athletes, and weekend warriors injured during yard care. Dr. Roffers is focused on diagnostic testing—determining the issue, and then guiding the patient to the appropriate specialist.

“My style is always patient-focused. I appreciate that the Greenfield location is in closer proximity to their home or family. The electromyography or EMG experience is very client-focused. It measures the muscle response and electrical activity from a nerve’s stimulation in the muscle. We use the test to detect neuromuscular abnormalities. The therapeutic setting of the Greenfield hub, like our main campus, doesn’t feel institutional or cold. It’s an atmosphere that makes patients feel comfortable.”

Dr. Roffers enjoys venturing out by practicing in the Greenfield office. As he explains, “There’s a lot of excitement in the new venue, and I really feed off that. It keeps me energized throughout the day.” A patient-centric, energetic approach is part of what sets OHOW apart and makes what we call the OHOW difference.

Alexander Riordan, MD

Dr. Riordan is a family orthopedic doctor whose experience ranges from work with the very young to the elderly. As a general orthopedic surgeon, he treats problems in all extremities. Dr. Riordan uses ultrasound to help guide his treatment. His experience includes work with traumatic injuries in children, as well as anterior hip replacements. He also covers the New Berlin Eisenhower athletic teams, so the location is ideal for his practice.

Dr. Riordan says, “I’m big on patient education. I like to give my patients specific important things to focus on because I know it can all get a little overwhelming. I show them what they can do at home to augment their clinical therapy. I take a common sense approach and try to keep it as simple as possible. I find people respond best to treatment when you can relate it to their lives. So we talk, figure out what the goals are, and then work towards those specific outcomes.”

As Dr. Riordan explained, the Greenfield location has been so convenient for patients. When patients have access to a place where they’re comfortable, it eases their anxiety and helps them seek treatment sooner. “I never want a patient to go through pain when they could have addressed it earlier. Making it easier for them to come in for a visit and get back to their lives faster makes a huge difference.”

Convenient Care to Ensure Continuity

No matter the OHOW location, we want to make patient care as easy and seamless as possible. The Greenfield clinic ensures continuity for our surgical patients. They can often see their doctor at the clinic for pre-op appointments, comfortably have surgery at our main hospital in Glendale, and then continue with the post-operative appointments and therapy at the clinic.

With physicians and physical therapists working together, follow up appointments are accessible and straightforward.

At the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, consistently excellent care is always our goal. We go above and beyond to ensure our patients are comfortable, safe, and welcomed at all our locations. It’s this award-winning approach to patient care that sets us apart from the crowd.

If you or a loved one need orthopedic care, we’re happy to schedule your appointment with one of our specialists. Our highly trained staff are ready to help you meet your treatment goals and restore movement for a pain-free future.