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Featuring One of OHOW’S Finest Physicians: Joseph Kroner, MD

At the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, we’re proud to have some of the most talented doctors in orthopedic care on our staff. With a focus on patient care and satisfaction, our doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and staff are amongst the top of their profession. The dedicated orthopedic work of our physicians is inspiring and sometimes leads others to follow in their footsteps. 

For Dr. Joseph Kroner, son of fellow OHOW physician, Dr. John Kroner, watching his father change the lives of his patients as an experienced orthopedic surgeon helped to motivate him to begin his practice in orthopedic surgery. After seeing his father’s dedication and care towards his patients, Joseph Kroner, MD wanted to do the same.

While still in the early stages of his career, Dr. Kroner has already had a positive impact on the lives of many patients by showing expertise in his general practice and embodying the importance of personalized patient care. As part of our “OHOW’s finest physicians” series, we are proud to profile Dr. Kroner and his excellence as an orthopedic surgeon. 

Inspired in Orthopedics from an Early Age

A Milwaukee-area native, Joseph Kroner found a natural inclination towards medicine from an early age. Throughout his high-school years, Dr. Kroner excelled in the sciences and became particularly interested in anatomy. As he contemplated potential career paths, he knew he wanted to work in a hands-on field that involved his natural curiosity for human physiology and health.

Entering into his early career, Kroner followed in the footsteps of his father. He decided to study surgery and attended the Medical College of Wisconsin. 

After completing his medical degree, he explored several different areas of surgery during his residency and settled into orthopedics, where he had a natural fit. To advance his training, Kroner became skilled in arthroscopy and joint arthroplasty during his fellowship at the Orthopedic Institute of Wisconsin. 

Since completing his fellowship in 2013, Dr. Kroner has practiced surgery at OHOW alongside his father, Dr. John Kroner. As colleagues, they work together nearly every day, often consulting about cases and discussing the latest innovations in orthopedic medicine. So, what’s it like to work with your father every day? 

“People always ask me how we do it,” says Joseph Kroner, MD. “But we get along really well. Our styles mesh well together, and we don’t step on each other’s toes.” 

Both doctors hold to the OHOW philosophy of patient-centric care, focusing on what’s best for each individual. Since arriving at OHOW, Dr. Kroner has exemplified the importance of personalized care for every patient. He applies his knowledge and skill with each patient he encounters to ensure they always experience the best possible outcomes. 

Providing Life-Changing Care

Dr. Kroner enjoys working within a general orthopedic practice involving the larger joints of the body. In his work at OHOW, he specializes in taking care of hips, knees, shoulders, and work-related injuries. These significant areas of focus require strength and a thorough understanding of their effect on patients’ health as a whole. 

When describing his core goals in patient care, he says that effective communication between himself and his patients is key to successful patient outcomes. 

“I try to educate my patients as much as possible. I want to give them all of the options that may help them out, including exploring care options before surgery,” he said. “I want us to figure out what will be best for them and come to a decision together.” 

His patients agree that Dr. Kroner is thorough and mindful of their unique situation. Many patients have noted that his effective communication was essential in receiving life-changing care. 

“He answered all of my questions,” one patient said. “He was very friendly and informative.”

Doctor and patient communication is always critical to ensure successful outcomes. At the Orthopedic Hospital of Wisconsin, we make sure that each patient has plenty of time to meet with their physician, as well as support staff. As a result, each patient goes into surgery feeling informed and ready. Dr. Kroner exemplifies this engaged approach in his work, which is part of why he finds the job so satisfying and meaningful.

Of all the aspects of caring for patients, he says that seeing the change in patients before and after surgery is the most rewarding and impactful part of his job.

“I’ve had some patients who have been unable to walk before surgery,” he said. “When I see them walk after surgery, I know that it has changed their life.”

We are so grateful for the work he puts in every day to improve the lives of so many of our patients at OHOW. For more information on Dr. Kroner or any of our physicians, explore our physician profiles. Our devoted staff is ready to help you recover from any orthopedic injury or setback. Reach out today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kroner or his colleagues at the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin.  

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