Featuring One of OHOW’S Finest Physicians: Curtis Crimmins, MD

At the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, we are honored to have some of the most talented and highly respected surgeons in the region at our facility. One of those qualified and reputable surgeons is Curtis Crimmins, MD, a specialist in treating patients with hand and upper extremity problems. 

Dr. Crimmins has earned a highly esteemed reputation over his many years of practice and is one of OHOW’s Finest Physicians

Dr. Curtis Crimmins Has a Well-Rounded Background

Curtis Crimmins, MD, was introduced to the medical world through his passion for swimming. Originally from Saginaw, Michigan, Dr. Crimmins became a collegiate swimmer at Kalamazoo College in Michigan during his undergraduate experience. Many of his teammates were also pre-med students, and of the 26 graduates in his swim program, 17 went on to medical school after finishing their swimming career. Dr. Crimmins was among them. 

Dr. Crimmins and his associate at Hand to Shoulder Specialists of Wisconsin.

He enrolled in medical school at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and first pursued training in general surgery. During this time, he gained a well-rounded perspective on the surgical field. After a few years of general surgery, Dr. Crimmins desired to learn the technical skills required of a plastic surgeon. 

He then completed his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery residency at Dartmouth Medical School in New Hampshire, where he began to further refine his plastic surgery and reconstruction experience.

“About half of my surgeries in my plastics training were hand surgeries. So that’s when I decided to go into hand surgery,” Dr. Crimmins said.  

In addition to Dartmouth, Dr. Crimmins also spent six months at Harvard University  in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He then completed his formal fellowship in Hand and Microsurgery in the department of Orthopaedic Surgery at UCLA Medical School. Dr. Crimmins attributes his training in plastic surgery as a contributing factor in his success as a hand surgeon.

“It was unusual to have a plastic surgeon doing an orthopedic hand fellowship, but I think it made me more well-rounded.” 

Bringing His Specialized Expertise to the Milwaukee Area

After completing his formal surgical training, Dr. Crimmins began his practice in the Milwaukee area with the Hand to Shoulder Specialists of Wisconsin. When OHOW formed in 2001, Dr. Crimmins was one of the first group of surgeons to do surgery here. He says that bringing his patients to OHOW is the ideal location for a hand surgeon to practice.

Dr. Crimmins celebrates 25 years of practice.

“OHOW is in part a great hospital because it is so efficient,” Dr. Crimmins explained. “Most of my surgeries are relatively short, so we flip flop between two operating rooms. And of course, it’s great for the patients to experience this wonderful staff from check-in to discharge.”

Of the multiple patients Dr. Crimmins sees per day, many have carpal tunnel syndrome or other common hand and wrist conditions such as trigger finger and arthritis. He also sees many patients with traumatic injuries like broken bones, cut tendons, and cut nerves. 

Additionally, Dr. Crimmins has a busy practice in sports-related injuries and takes care of local  collegiate athletes including those from Marquette and UWM. He has served as the hand surgery consultant for the Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Wave, Milwaukee Admirals, and  the Milwaukee Brewers. He and his partners at the Hand to Shoulder Specialists of Wisconsin are also very experienced in the treatment of work-related injuries.. 

Dr. Crimmins’ Patients Experience Positivity and Top-Rated Care

Curtis Crimmins, MD, says that his philosophy of care stems from the types of cases he sees and the number of patients he gets to interact with each day.

“If you saw me, you’d probably experience a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere,” Dr. Crimmins said. “We’re usually not talking about serious medical problems. If you’ve got a broken finger, let’s fix it! I like to keep it simple. I like to smile and laugh.” 

While he likes to maintain a more relaxed and casual experience for his patients, he does emphasize the importance of ensuring his patients are comfortable with his care, no matter how big or small their procedure might be. 

“Every patient is different. Some people want to know every detail, and others don’t want to know any more than the basics,” Dr. Crimmins said.  

Over his 27-year practice, Dr. Crimmins has earned a highly respected reputation as one of the top surgeons in Southeastern Wisconsin. He’s earned awards, including Milwaukee Magazine’s Top Doctor Award. He is a member of several professional organizations such as the American Society for Surgery of the Hand and the American Association for Hand Surgery. Additionally, he has made several appearances on local news stations.

Dr. Crimmins’ dedication to patient care exemplifies our Three Critical Success Factors: Quality, Patient Satisfaction, and Staff Satisfaction. We are grateful for the work he does daily to care for his patients. 

Curtis Crimmins, MD, sees new patients at Hand to Shoulder Specialists regional locations. For more information about Dr. Crimmins or to schedule an appointment, visit his physician profile on our website.