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Overworked Hands? 5 Tips to Care for Your Hands as an Artist or Crafter 

Are you an artist or an avid crafter? Perhaps you picked up a quarantine knitting or crochet hobby and haven’t stopped since. Or maybe you explore your artistic side with painting, jewelry making, sewing, or woodworking. No matter what the craft is, you are likely to use your hands, fingers, wrist, and/or elbow in repetitive […]

Tennis Injury Prevention: How to Avoid Common Tennis Injuries

Warm weather is here, and we are finally getting back to our favorite outdoor activities. If you enjoy tennis, you might be eager to hit the court as soon as possible. But grabbing your racket without any preparation may not be the best idea. Even a few hours of swinging a racket can lead to […]

3 Tips for Preventing Hand and Wrist Injuries from Winter Falls

Winter is here, and with all the holiday joy and fluffy show comes the dreaded instability of ice and slippery conditions. Slips and falls are a leading cause of hand and wrist injuries, and we see most of them during the icy winter months. Why hand and wrist injuries? Hands and wrists are often susceptible […]

The Anatomy of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chances are that you’ve heard of carpal tunnel syndrome or possibly experienced it yourself. Characterized by hand numbness and tingling in the fingers, many people experience this phenomenon. It’s perhaps the most widespread nerve disorder, affecting 4-10 million Americans per year. In fact, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common disorders we treat […]

10 Tips for Preventing Elbow Injuries

Elbow injuries are quite common and often avoidable. Here are 10 tips for preventing elbow injuries.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Identification and Treatment

What exactly is carpal tunnel syndrome? We certainly hear a lot about it and Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin’s Dr. Greg Watchmaker says it is the most common hand problem we treat each year.  Simply stated, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a pinched nerve (the median nerve) in the palm and wrist area.

Get into the Swing of Spring: 6 Tips to Prevent Golfer’s Elbow & Other Injuries

As soon as spring starts to warm up, many of us start thinking of getting out on the green! But after a long winter hiatus from the course, it’s important to review golf injury prevention, including the ubiquitous golfer’s elbow. There’s nothing like pain to take the zing out of your swing, taking you away […]

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