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National Nurses Week: Excellence and Dedication in Nursing

National Nurses Week (May 6-12) is an annual opportunity for Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin to show extra thanks to our nursing teams for the important work they do each and every day. Their skilled care plays a crucial role in our patient outcomes and satisfaction. And we are so thankful for their tireless work to meet the needs of our patients, staff, and physicians. Their ability to work as a cohesive team is instrumental in delivering holistic care and achieving positive outcomes. 

OHOW nurses go above and beyond at each step of the patient journey. Before, during, and after surgery, their work helps to create “The OHOW Difference,” our higher standard of care that sets us apart from other facilities. Each day, they demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, compassion, and expertise. Their tireless efforts to ensure the well-being of every individual under their care are inspiring. 

Today, we thank the nurses who have worked at OHOW and dedicated years of service to providing top-quality care to our patients. 

National Nurses Week: Dedication and Excellence in Nursing

We are very grateful to each one of our nurses who work each day to serve our patients. We have an additional appreciation for those individuals who have dedicated years of service to OHOW and are an inspiration to future generations. Their wisdom, mentorship, and guidance have shaped the careers of numerous nurses, instilling values of compassion, dedication, and lifelong growth. 

Thank you to the following individuals for your years of dedication:

5+ Years of Service to OHOW

  • Jared Bruemmer
  • Lauri James
  • Susan Fox
  • Moriah Quackenbush
  • Glenn Gutberlet
  • Jessica Bohn
  • Maria Lourdes Horton

10+ Years of Service to OHOW

  • Lori Zingler
  • Marta Lecher
  • Sherrie Keebler
  • Beth Ours
  • Diane Budzien
  • Amy Myers
  • Jennifer Krueger
  • Jennifer Richards
  • Jodie Rodgers
  • Laura Uhen
  • Michele Boettcher
  • Michelle Franke
  • Sharon Bolz
  • Sue Rowe
  • Therese Diener
  • Bonnie Eckl

15+ Years of Service to OHOW

  • Bridgette Hertz
  • Christie Ines
  • Jean Dehne
  • Sally Eschrich
  • Jean Danek
  • Mary Lang
  • Stefanie Pilling
  • Charlene Wells
  • Christine Gaffney
  • Katherine Wysocki
  • Amy Leppla
  • Lisa Schubring

Service to OHOW for All Years of Operation (22 Years)

  • Joan Mahn
  • Jo Janczak
  • Taryn Wieland
  • Tracy Kabara
  • Jill Douglass
  • Leslie Brennan
  • Susan Ganzke
  • CJ Burns

As we reflect upon the years of service each of these individuals has given, we take pride in the lives they have touched, the differences they have made, and the legacy they have created. 

To learn more about the difference in nursing care, visit our website for more information:

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