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Desk Ergonomics: 4 Tips for a Comfortable and Healthy Home Workspace

Over the last few years, life has changed for many, including how and where we work. With an increase in remote workers, many of us are looking for ideas to create the optimal healthy home workspace. Many remote workers use what they already own—kitchen chairs, couches, folding chairs, dining tables, and countertops to set up […]

Standing Desk Ergonomics: 7 Benefits of Standing at Work

We’ve all been there, slumped over a computer, typing away, back aching, shoulders hunched, as the hours tick away. Chances are if you’ve ever been in this (poor) position, you’ve likely wondered about the benefits of standing at work. Standing desks and treadmill desks have gained in popularity over the past several years. A recent […]

Learn How to Improve Posture and Prevent Back Pain with These 6 Tips

Are you in a slump? We’ve all experienced the neck strain from hunching over the computer or bending over our phone for hours. Many of us engage in activities that are counter-productive to improving our posture. So, is posture that important? In short, yes. Having the proper posture prevents strain on your neck and shoulders. […]

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