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6 Back-to-College Health Tips to Help Students Avoid Orthopedic Injuries

For most college students, teen orthopedic health isn’t even on their minds. But orthopedic injuries can occur at any age, and it’s essential to focus on lifelong orthopedic health practices. As we prepare to go back to school, these college health tips can help students avoid common injuries and stay safe. While most teens don’t […]

Solving Debilitating Neck and Arm Pain: Cervical Total Disc Replacement

Have you experienced neck and arm pain? For some people, this type of pain can be nearly unbearable. Our arms and neck are used in so many of our activities, from work to play to sleep. When we feel pain in these areas, it’s hard to ignore. For many people, neck and arm pain can […]

Take Caution this Winter: Avoid these Common Causes of Winter Back Injuries

‘Tis the season for joy, fun, and…back pain? While you might not be sliding down chimneys like the big guy, there are still plenty of ways to experience winter back injuries. You might not think of winter as prime time for neck and back injuries. After all, many of us are more active in the […]

Treatment of Degenerative Conditions of the Lumbar Spine: How the Total Posterior Spine System (TOPS™) Provides an Alternative Option to Surgery

As a current investigator of the Premia Spine Total Posterior Spine System (TOPS™), OHOW’s Dr. Stephen Robbins explores this alternative to spine surgery.

Learn How to Improve Posture and Prevent Back Pain with These 6 Tips

Are you in a slump? We’ve all experienced the neck strain from hunching over the computer or bending over our phone for hours. Many of us engage in activities that are counter-productive to improving our posture. So, is posture that important? In short, yes. Having the proper posture prevents strain on your neck and shoulders. […]

Prevent Heavy Backpack Strain: 6 Tips for Returning Students

As everyone’s thoughts turn to back-to-school, kids are getting ready to gear up after a (longer than usual) break. While we’re not sure exactly what school will look like in the fall, one ongoing concern for students is the strain and stress from heavy backpacks. While many schools are streamlining their books, especially at the […]