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Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement: What Level of Activity Can I Expect?

Knee replacement (knee arthroplasty) and hip replacement (hip arthroplasty) are two total joint replacement options to relieve pain and improve mobility and function for people who have become significantly limited by osteoarthritis of their knee or hip joint. Many people considering joint replacement surgery often wonder what type of activity they can expect after surgery.  […]

Hip Flexor Strains: Treatment and Symptoms

If you work a desk job or sit for many hours of the day, you will likely experience stiff and painful hip flexor muscles. On the other hand, if you’re very active and participate in cycling, kicking sports, or aerobics, you may have experienced hip flexor strains from overuse.  At Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, it […]

Get Strong and Avoid Hip Osteoarthritis with a Hip and Core Strengthening Program

As we age, it is crucial to maintain and strengthen an essential muscle group – the core. Core strength is fundamental for many activities as this muscle group stabilizes your body. It allows you to keep balanced and can impact how your arms and legs function. Strengthening the muscles of the core and hips is […]

7 Tips to Avoid Hip Bursitis

Our hips do an amazing amount of work. These complex joints support the weight of our bodies and allow us to sit, stand, walk, and move our upper legs. When we experience hip pain, it can be a significant cause for concern. Bursitis is a common hip injury that can feel painful but is often […]

Great Outcomes: The Success of Total Hip Replacement (THA) Surgery

Total Hip Replacement (THA) surgery is one of the most common and successful surgeries we perform. Here’s why the outcomes are so excellent.