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What is Frozen Shoulder?

Have you noticed you can’t reach up or back with your arm? Is it painful to even try? You may be experiencing frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder is a common but painful condition that involves a gradual increase in shoulder stiffness. It leads to a loss of range of motion and impact your daily function.  Orthopaedic […]

OHOW’s Favorite Chicken Marsala

A chicken-based dish is a classic weeknight dinner go-to. Make it delicious with OHOW’s Favorite Chicken Marsala! Chicken Marsala is a time-honored Italian-American meal that has existed, in some form, since the 1800s. The dish likely originates from western Sicily, Italy, a region famously known for its Marsala wine production. Our recipe combines rich flavors […]

What is a Bunionectomy (and What Should You Expect)?

Dr. Anthony Ferguson, MD The feet are vital to our daily function, and dealing with chronic foot pain caused by a bunion can be debilitating. If you’ve started looking into treatment for bunions, you might be asking yourself a thousand questions such as “What causes a bunion?”, “ What are my treatment options?”, and “ […]

Common Winter Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them

With the 2022 Winter Olympic Games starting up, millions of Americans will witness spectacular feats of athletic prowess. From snowboarder Shaun White sailing twenty feet in the air to the figure-skaters gracefully floating around the rink, there will be no shortage of sensational athletic feats. These remarkable events may inspire some of us to take […]