If the Shoe Fits! Proper Footwear After Bunion Surgery

If you’re planning for bunion surgery, your footwear might be top of mind. Aside from your comfort post-surgery, wearing the proper bunion footwear can actually assist with the recovery process. While orthopedic shoes are important, you won’t have to wear them for the rest of your life after bunion surgery. In fact, it may be […]

Winter Mayhem – 8 Snow Shoveling Safety Tips for Healthier, Safer Winter Season

If you live in Wisconsin or another cold-winter state, you will inevitably see snow between November and April. That first snowfall looks so beautiful on pine trees, but as that fluffy stuff accumulates, you will have to get outside and shovel. Snow may be ideal for snowboarders, skiers, and snowmobilers. But when it comes to […]

OHOW’s Favorite Creamy Butternut Squash Soup with Ginger

Is there anything better than enjoying squash soup on a fall day? We don’t think so! Our favorite butternut squash soup recipe features heavy cream and ginger for a creamy and flavorful dish perfect for cozy fall evenings. Plus, this recipe is pretty simple and requires minimal ingredients.  You start by peeling your butternut squash […]

Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement: What Level of Activity Can I Expect?

Knee replacement (knee arthroplasty) and hip replacement (hip arthroplasty) are two total joint replacement options to relieve pain and improve mobility and function for people who have become significantly limited by osteoarthritis of their knee or hip joint. Many people considering joint replacement surgery often wonder what type of activity they can expect after surgery.  […]

Leaf Raking and Fall Cleanup: How to Keep Activity and Stay Safe While Tidying Up

With the beauty of fall colors comes leaf raking and fall cleanup. And just like it’s important to care for and maintain your lawn, it’s vital to do the same for your body. This year, fall cleanup might target some muscles you haven’t used in a while. Before you jump headfirst into your fall cleanup […]

Don’t Fall this Autumn! Tips to Prevent Fall-Related Injuries

We all know that our risk of falling increases with age, but did you know that two-thirds of those who experience a fall will fall again within six months? This increased risk may be due to a decrease in bone density, a lack of exercise resulting in poor muscle tone, decreased strength, and loss of […]

OHOW Achieves #42 ranking in “Best Places To Work” Award from Modern Healthcare for 2022

Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin is proud to announce that our hospital ranked number 42 in the Supplier category for Modern Healthcare‘s Best Places to Work in Healthcare Award for 2022! The Supplier category includes hospitals, health clinics, and other healthcare suppliers. Only 75 suppliers are nationally recognized, and OHOW is one of two suppliers named […]

National Physical Therapy Month: How Did Physical Therapy Start?

October is National Physical Therapy month, established by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). This month of recognition celebrates the profession and acknowledges how physical therapists help improve the lives of so many individuals. At the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin, we are proud to be home to many talented and reputable physical therapists that work […]

OHOW’s Favorite Creamy Tomato Soup with Sherry and Basil

Nothing is better than warming up from a day of fall activities with a bowl of homemade soup. A go-to classic tomato soup is an easy and affordable recipe for the cool months ahead. Our recipe adds ingredients that create a rich and delicious flavor you cannot get from a canned tomato soup.  “This tomato […]